1997 Book arts & text-based art

1997    Crane tapestry -- Frog and Moon

I had made embroidered tapestries for the previous seven years, but this marked the first time I really used text in a piece.  ‘The Frog and The Moon’ is a 50″ x 7″ wall hanging with a wood and acrylic hanger, four main panels, and a bucketload of beaded fringe. Main techniques are fabric applique, embroidery, and beadwork with glass and gemstone beads. It’s big enough that I didn’t have a decent camera shot of it at the time, so I documented it in flat scans.

Text: A frog fell in love with the Moon. He climbed a reed and sang to her, but she walked across the sky without stopping. A hungry owl heard the song and flew down. The Moon stepped from the clouds. Blinded by sudden light, the owl missed. Safe in his lake, the frog knew that the Moon knew he loved her. But he never climbed so high again, knowing also that the Moon’s moods were like her light – bright, dark, and ever-changing.

I dimly remember a version of this fable in a book of South American tales I read as a kid, but I don’t have provenance for it. So I didn’t make it up, just illustrated it.

In private collection.


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