2011 Book arts and text-based art

Winter Dawn   3”x 2”x 2”  woodburned and painted oak covers, purpleheart-wood toggle closure, modified Coptic binding, leather and wood toggle closure, linen, cotton, polyester thread, glass beads.   Inside cover text:

‘Winter Dawn, 6:45 am:  a city, a road, a moment of cold orange fire under amethyst skies.’  

Topic: images and abstracts inspired by a winter dawn near Denver, CO. Colophon on back.  Primary colors coral red, orange, tan, pale purple, red-purple. Design on front: stylized landscape of road, freeway overpass, and distant city skyline. University of Pittsburgh, Library Special Collections.

Winter Dawn closed for blog


Winter Dawn open for blog

Stellar Objects  5”x 5”x 2” woodburned poplar and carved & painted leather covers, modified Coptic binding, dual pages of inked leather and lace-embellished linen, glass, and bronze findings. Colorways white, brown, bronze, dark green. Topic: a Steampunk-inspired meditation on real-world and fantasy astronomy. IUPUI, Herron Art Library, Artist Book Collection.

Stellar Objects for blogArizona April 1 – 5  4.25”x 4.25”x .5” closed. Five fabric books with quilted and appliqué covers, and accordion-fold pages. A handpainted panorama of the Sonoran Desert is collaged with sewn ribbons, cotton batik, glass and shell beads, and digitally-printed Arizona postage stamps. Colorways white, rust, turquoise, green, red. Made for the Textile Art Books Swap #1 (February 2011), part of the Artists Books 3.0 online community, and sent to the other four group members in Argentina, Australia, the UK, and South Africa.

Arizona April covers for blogAmazonia  3”x 1”x 1” closed, 11” with tassels and fore-edge fringe. Woodburned and painted oak covers, inked linen and cotton batik pages in single-needle coptic binding, accented by waxed poly thread, glass beads.

Text:  ‘AMAZONIA  From green hells to the lungs of the world, will we treasure jungles most after we lose them?’ Colorways dark red, purple, dark green, grey-green.  IUPUI, Herron Art Library, Artist Book Collection.

Amazonia in progress for blog

Tempe Spring Arts Festival 2011 Awards Ribbons (17) 4”x 16”, (1) 5”x 20” Pieced linen, pieced cotton batik landscapes, machine embroidered palo verde trees w/beadwork accents, laser-printed maps and text. Colorways tan, ecru, turquoise, green, rust, cerulean blue. Tempe Spring 2011 BoS for blog

Tempe Spring 2011 Sculpture for blog









‘Grey Primer 1 – 5’ 4.25”x 4.25”x .5” Five fabric books with appliqué covers and accordion-fold pages. Four handpainted botanical vignettes show four different greys mixed from complementary acrylic colors. Grey Primer closed for blogWhite linen pages are appliquéd with grey/brown cotton batik. Covers are finished with glass beads and cotton embroidery thread. Made for the Textile Art Books Swap 3.0 #2, through Artists Books 3.0 online community, and sent to members in Australia, South Africa, Scotland, and Italy.

Grey Primer open for blog

‘Grey Primer Version 2, 1 – 3 4.25”x4.25”x.5” Three fabric books refining the construction and theme of the AB 3.0 #2 books, with more-elaborate botanical paintings, ink decoration, and cover embellishment. Yale University, Art Library, Special Collections; Private collection; Rare Book Room, Phoenix Public Library.

Grey Primer 2 open for blog

‘Folk Floral’ 3”x1.25”x1” Coptic-bound inked linen and cotton-print pages, featuring Edwardian and Craftsman-inspired floral and botanical patterns.

Finished with waxed polyester tassels and glass beads. Purpleheart wood covers with woodburned and painted designs. Colorways tan, grey, purple, green. Available on my SaatchiArt page .

Folk Floral covers for blog

‘Chandler AZ 1 and 2’ 2.5”x2”x2” Coptic-bound linen and cotton pages, woodburned and painted oak covers, oak button and polyester cord closure, accent tassels in polyester thread and glass beads. Applique batik pages of abstracted desert landscapes alternate with abstracted street maps of Chandler, AZ and the surrounding cities. Colorways red, tan, turquoise, cerulean blue, white, black. Collection SCAD Savannah. Last copy available at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers.

Chandler covers for blog

‘Number Three 1 – 6’ 4.25”x4.25”x.5” Six fabric accordion fold books made for the AB 3.0 #3 challenge of ‘Three’. Four symbols of the number 3, written in Babylonian cuneiform, Mayan pictographs, Hindi, and Han Chinese. Cotton and linen applique, hand-inked letters on white linen, natural linen ground, covers natural linen, black/beige woven canvas, tan glass with red waxed polyester thread. Colorway beige, tan, black, white, red.

Number Three for blog

‘Heat: Generators 1 – 6’ 4.25”x4.25”x.5 Six fabric accordion fold books made for the AB 3.0 #4 challenge theme of ‘Heat’.  Four pages showcase processes of heat generation: friction, oxidation/reduction, radioactive decay, fission/fusion. Red, orange, pink, white, and yellow cotton, silk, and linen applique on dark purple cotton, with scarlet and orange accent sewing and glass beads. Hand-inked text on orange cotton batik.

Heat Generators for blog‘Green Fields’  3.5”x6.75”x.75” Accordion-fold book with hand-painted and machine embroidered rural landscape w/fabric applique. Covers of quilted and applique batik, petit-point farm scene on front cover. Quote from Wordsworth’s ‘Prelude’: ‘OH, there is blessing in this gentle breeze, a visitant that while it fans my cheek, doth seem half-conscious of the joy it brings from the green fields, and from yon azure sky.’ Topic: memorializing a summertime trip through eastern Wisconsin. Private collection. Green Fields for blog


‘Road Trip 2’ 5.5”x6”x1.25” Accordion-fold book of white organdy, recycled silkscreen fabric, and recycled rip-stop nylon. Larger version of Road Trip 1. Six shadow applique cut-outs follow a Southwestern road trip from a house in a tree-filled suburb, through industrial areas, desert plains, and into mountains. Covers of carved and painted leather, white-washed oak, opaline glass, and waxed polyester thread. Inner covers lined with scans of an 1881 Arizona map, and black monoprint designs. Colorway tan, white, black, opal blue. Available at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers.

‘Kite Book’  3”x5”x2.25” Coptic-bound book with 8 fabric pages of applique linen and cotton batik. Digitally printed and embroidered text alternates with hand-painted and embroidered vignettes of kites and banners. Covers of purpleheart wood, multicolored glass discs, and red waxed polyester. Accent tassels of red waxed polyester and glass beads. Topic: an original poem inspired by a Japanese art print from the 1920’s. Colorways dark purple, red, blue, green, multi. Private Collection.

Kite Book covers for blog

‘Flowers bloom / high above the grass / kites rise and fall / stitching patterns / in the wind / from blue mountains.’

Kite Book page sample for blog


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