2012 Book Arts and text-based art

Groove Goddess  4.25”x4.25”x.5 Eight accordion-fold fabric books with 1960s theme cotton print covers and accents on tan linen. Four hand-inked vignettes show different portraits of hippie girls with floral and geometric backgrounds. Inside front covers monoprinted with title; inside back covers inked with colophon. Pink polyester tassels with lime-green glass accents on cover back edges. Made for the AOB 3.0 1960s challenge. Crane book -- Groove Goddess covers

Tempe Spring Arts Festival 2012 Awards Ribbons: (17) 4”x16”, (1) 5”x20” Pieced linen, pieced cotton batik landscapes, machine embroidered in century-plant theme to celebrate Arizona’s Centennial.

Tempe Spring 2012 BoS

Cat Music  4.25”x 4.25”x.5  Twelve tan linen accordion-fold books, front view monoprinted with cat and jazz sheet music design, machine appliqued with white & blue striped linen and red thread. Back view has applique strips of commercially printed ‘music’ themed cotton, red machine stitching.

Text: “There is no music more catlike than Jazz.” Soft fabric covers with base of white and blue striped linen, commercially printed linen musical notations, digitally printed ‘cat musician’ image, and brass cat stamping. Made for the AOB 3.0 # 7 ‘Music’ challenge.

Crane book -- Cat Music cover


Crane book -- Cat Music open

Tempe Fall Arts Festival 2012 Awards Ribbons: (17) 4”x16”, (1) 5”x20”. Pieced linen, pieced cotton, upholstery fabric, glass beads. ‘Tempe at Night’ theme uses stylized versions of iconic downtown Tempe buildings/views.

Tempe Fall 2012 ribbons for blogTempe Fall 2012 Bos

Borders & Crossings 4.25”x 4.25”x.5. Sixteen accordion-fold books of translucent spun polyester interleaving sandwiching hand-drawn and commercially printed map fabric, cotton print scraps, and inked text and designs. Text: ‘Road Map – journeys frozen in time, Treasure Map – paths to hidden glory, Star Map – navigation in the dark, Mind Map – travel to memory’s edge.’ wrap cover of abstracted map monoprints in gray-blue paint on cream cotton rag paper, accented with colored inks. Made for the AOB 3.0 #9 ‘Borders and Crossings’ challenge.

Crane book -- Borders & CrossingsSteampunk Fan approx 7″h x 1.75″w x 1.75″d

While not an actual book, this proof-of-concept design is a working folding fan in carved, painted, and bronze-gilt leather, with brass fittings, inlaid distressed glass mirrors on the guards, and glass-beaded tassels terminating the anchor threads. Available from Vamp & Tramp Booksellers.

Steampunk fan front 1


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