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I have many lines of artwork and several online venues for them: some for sale, others on display. It’s easier to show them all on one page.


My sales portal at Includes acrylic paintings on canvas or paper in more contemporary styles, plus landscape, floral, and mixed-media pieces. There will be some jewelry pieces, too.

My general sales portal on, where I’ll eventually be selling jewelry, wearable art, acrylic paintings, mosaics, some book art, and other mad crafts.


Artist’s Books:

My page at Artist Books 3.0, an international group of book and text-based artists. While not as current a catalog as the one here, my AB3.0 page tracks some of the group projects I’ve done with other members.Number Three for blog

That page is probably going away in early October 2016, as the current site host’s costs are escalating over what the Artist Books 3.0 organizers can afford. But they are moving to Facebook. Which might be enough to get me back on Facebook.

My work for sale at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, one of the foremost agencies for book arts in the US. As of 2014, I have been with Vamp & Tramp for ten years. They’ve been tireless advocates and sounding boards, and have brought my book arts sculptures to private, corporate, and university collectors I could never reach on my own.

While not in stock right now, my work has been for sale at 23 Sandy Gallery, a rising star among book arts and contemporary craft galleries. I met the owner at a 2005 book arts conference. I’m happy to say her dream of a book arts gallery in Portland OR is now a solid reality, backed by a roster of impressive exhibitions, dozens of amazing artists, and some remarkable clients. She’s on hiatus at the moment, but will be back to work in 2019.

My more-organized Pinterest page, divided between fiction inspirations, jewelry, and book arts.

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