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Singer in Rhunshan

Fantasy romance (a Lonhra Sequence novel, some adult content)



When Eridan marries a barbarian warrior woman for love, and chooses music over a throne, he doesn’t know that a spell keeps his wife Sfassa in human form. After the spell breaks, she returns to her true alien form. To rejoin her, Eridan bargains for shapeshifting magic of his own from a tribe of reclusive gods with their own agenda. The price is Eridan’s safety, his legacy, and the other half of his heart.

While there is an ever-increasing chance I’m going to be self-publishing this story, I’m attempting a last agent-querying round before I try the larger SFF publishers on my own. I’ll keep people posted as to developments.


Bloodshadow for Wattpad


Fantasy (a Lonhra Sequence novel, some adult content)

Wattpad (free read for now) link



To act as her champion and spy, the Sleeping Goddess picks Tel. It’s not mutual. The accidental shapeshifter only wants to find her absent father, and answer questions about the dark, horrible magics she can barely control. Along the way Tel double-crosses rebels and offworld scouts, fears the one man in the world meant only for her, and tries not to lose her soul when she helps him keep his.

Maestro cover sm


M/M/M contemporary erotic romance

NineStar Press, 2016 (ebook)

Novelette (16K)


Gay and happily married, Leo has helped manage a large, influential nonprofit arts foundation over the past ten years. He has built a friendly rapport with the elderly billionaire who began it, but he has enemies within the foundation.

Leo’s birthday is on February 13, and that has always meant candles on heart-shaped cupcakes and birthday cards with “Happy Valentine’s Day” crossed out. To celebrate, Andrew, Leo’s mystery writer husband, arranges a tryst for Leo with Mel, a gifted violinist who is one of Andrew’s biggest fans.

What started as mere pleasure becomes a three-part harmony as Leo, Andrew, and Mel explore the ways their kinks and needs mesh—until Leo’s enemies attempt to use evidence of the liaison to force him out of his job.

Review by Kristin at GayBook Reviews here.

Review at Prism Book Alliance through Goodreads here.

NineStar Press buy link: http://ninestarpress.com/product/maestro/

Amazon buy link: http://www.amazon.com/Maestro-M-Crane-Hana-ebook/dp/B01BK0NI52/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1454989109&sr=1-1&keywords=Maestro+NineStar


Moro’s Price  

M/M erotic romance, space opera (explicit)

Loose Id, LLC (e-book version) July 2012

Blurb: Prince Valier gives suicidal escaped-slave Moro another option than leaping off a skyscraper – a few hours of meaningless rough sex, while Moro is infected with Val’s lethal symbiont. Neither man expects Moro to survive, or become the one man in the galaxy who can tame Val’s darker urges.

“Political intrigue wrapped in a sexy M/M romance” – Attention is Arbitrary review.

More reviews here.

Author’s note: this is my debut novel, inspired by equal parts ‘Firefly’, Herbert’s ‘Dune’, and every fantasy and space opera novel that ever made me frustrated when the M/M relationships faded to black. There *will* be at least one sequel.


Author’s Note 6-4-2016: my contract for Moro’s Price is ending around July – August 2016. I’ve enjoyed working with Loose Id and its dedicated crew of editors, artists, and marketers; my fellow LI authors are among the most pleasant and creative group I’ve ever met. But it’s time for the next stage in this book adventure.

So for any readers of M/M space opera out there, if you are interested in snagging an ebook copy of this version, sorry: all buy links are disabled.

That’s okay, because some good things are coming. There will be another version available in the future, but when and what that will be depends on other publishing ventures in the meantime.*


For everyone who has already bought, borrowed, read, and/or reviewed Moro’s Price…thank you so very much. I appreciate your support. Even with all of my beta readers, writerly friendships, and professional contacts, for me the act of writing can seem like it takes place in a vacuum. Seeing the end product sell better than expected? That’s pure inspiration and validation.

*Watch this space! A new version of Moro’s Price is coming soon from NineStar Press. We have a tentative launch date of late June, 2017.


Thrones of Desire cover

‘Saints and Heroes’ in Thrones of Desire

M/M fantasy (explicit), set loosely in the same universe as Moro’s Price.

Erotic fantasy anthology inspired by George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones

Cleis Press (e-book and print versions) September 2012

Blurb: A runaway husband and reluctant Dom confronts the cost of thwarting destiny.

Amazon buy link.

Barnes & Noble buy link.

Past Future Present 2013 cover

‘Needle and Sword’ in Past Future Present.

PG13 secondary-world fantasy, set loosely in the same universe as Moro’s Price.

Speculative fiction anthology

Copper Publishing (e-book version) December 2011, reissue with new cover in 2013.

Blurb: An embroiderer and a warlord make a pact to protect the city they love.

Amazon buy link.

Such A Pretty Face cover

‘The Blood Orange Tree’ in Such A Pretty Face

PG13 Urban fantasy

SF&F anthology proving that heroes and heroines come in all sizes.

Meisha Merlin Publishing. Inc. (paperback and hardback versions) June 2000

Blurb: While helping a mysterious vagabond steal a magical orange, an unsuccessful artist rediscovers the joy of creation.

buy link here.

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