Now Shopping

In art, I’m uploading a bunch of art and jewelry to my Handmade at Amazon page, Crane Artifacts.

In writing, while I’ve still got queries out for ‘Singer in Rhunshan’, I’m pulling back from that story to concentrate on the revisions to ‘Moro’s Price’, ‘Moro’s Shield’, and ‘The Leopard of Saba’. These three linked stories springboard off my 2012 debut novel, but deserve more time and care. They may or may not have a commercial home, but at least they’ll be ready for self-pub, too.

When I’m done with that, I’ll continue what I was doing in 2013: calling freelance editors, cover designers, and Draft2Digital, and getting back to work self-publishing. Agented or not, I want the freedom to write what I want…deep complicated plots in erotic romance, graphic sex in mainstream high fantasy. M/F, M/M, and F/F main character relationships…in the same book, possibly even from the same characters. I see commercial romance and SFF markets going toward a sane accommodation, but I have no guarantees they’ll ever want my stuff. Self-publishing is not a cakewalk. Done right, it is hard work. But it’s matured enough to be a viable, respectable outlet now for many writers.