Moro’s Price 2nd Edition

(Just because I love this Natasha Snow cover so much.)

Now that I have your attention: on Monday June 26, the second version of my M/M space opera romance goes live.

The paperback version is already selling on Amazon, but all the other links will be active on Monday.

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For some reviews of the first edition, go here.

I’m pleased that my longtime friend Sherwood Smith bravely took up an ARC of this version, then gave me this jewel of a blurb:

“For fans of C.S. Pacat, m/m passion set against a space opera world of violence, power, and dynastic intrigue!”
That one still makes me fall over. Thanks, Sherwood!


New version of Moro’s Price coming soon!


My debut novel MORO’S PRICE,¬†a M/M space opera erotic romance, was first published in 2012. I’m pleased to announce that a newly revised version will be coming soon from NineStar Press.

If you liked the original version, I think you’ll love this one.

If all goes well, you’ll also be seeing the direct sequel to MORO, as well as a spin-off M/M novella featuring two side characters.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Spotlight on Maestro, news on Moro’s Price

Follow this link to my interview with the talented and tolerant Theophilia St. Claire, as we talk about the creative process, my experiments with contemporary M/M romance (aka my novella Maestro), and some ‘taboo’ writing subjects.

Some purposefully vague news: If you’re interested in my debut novel Moro’s Price (a M/M erotic romance space opera) and its sequels, keep an eye on my ‘original published fiction’ page over the next few months. And if you’ve ever wanted your own Kindle copy of this version of Moro…now is the time to get it, folks.

For those of you at BookExpoAmerica (BEA) accept my grateful thanks for all the vicarious tweets, blog posts, and news articles. I feel connected and uplifted.

Phoenix Comicon is just a few short weeks away now, for those of you in the Southwest or planning to be here at that time. 110F daytime temps, a huge convention center, a veritable cosplay mecca, and probably 80,000 people. Do we know how to party in Phoenix, or what? Come join us and make memories!

Countdown to Maestro!

Good news, everyone! My release date for Maestro, my M/M/M contemporary erotic romance, will now be February 8, 2016.

That means two things: my teeny little novella will no longer be lost in the stellar glare from the February 2 release of C.A. Pacat’s long awaited third book in the Captive Prince series. (And by then I should have my hardcopies of all three of Pacat’s delicious fantasy intrigues!)

It also means that you, my few but loyal readers, get a little extra time to pre-order Maestro. I really hate doing the ‘Buy My Book!’ shill online, so I’ll keep this at a minimum here on the Blue Night blog. I’ll try to make it worth your while. Comment on this post or the other Maestro posts here on Blue Night, on my Tumblr, or on NineStar’s Maestro page, from now until March 8, 2016, and you’ll be entered into a giveaway for this necklace over on Tumblr.

It’s a small book for a reasonable price from a new publisher, so visibility is going to be everything. Once the book is out, I would be incredibly grateful for any honest reviews, on any forum. I’m a housetrained author: I mostly ignore or giggle at bad reviews if I can tell they’re from obvious trolls…but I do quietly learn from honest critical reviews, too. I actually like them better than gushing-but-empty reviews.

Those of you following this story know that Maestro started out as a M/F 5K short story for a charity anthology, and morphed over two years to M/M. The folks at Nine Star saw it, liked it…but thought there was so much more to be told. And they were right.


Yay for edits

Just completed the initial edit for Maestro. I can say this for NineStar Press: my editor is very good at catching my boneheaded mistakes.

Far from hating the editing process, I loved it. It was like the final render on a difficult digital art project, or the polish of a gemstone or piece of silverwork. A necessary stage. In this case, a fast and enjoyable one. We’re not done, but we’re closer to a real book.

It just highlights why most writers can’t edit their own work to a professional standard. We’re too close to the work, and we may not have a deep enough knowledge of English grammar and punctuation to manage correct usage right away. Or like me, they managed to skate through English in high school and college mostly by osmosis and a long reading career.

I’m as careful a writer as I can be. I still turned in a 16K mms with several hundred punctuation and spelling errors, three continuity mistakes, and a lot of bad sentence structure. Granted, some of that was because I wrote it fast and didn’t really polish it before sending.

My agent and several editors have said I turn in relatively clean copies…which terrifies me. I wonder what they’ve been getting from other authors.

In the pits of self-publishing and uninformed small presses, I have seen what happens when editors don’t know how to edit, and authors aren’t skilled enough to know the difference.


In better news, cover art for Maestro is just around the corner. ETA 1-16-16 It’s alive! Follow the link.

Maestro, by M. Crane Hana

Okay, now I can announce the latest happy news: a book deal and another pen name.

On February 2, 2016, the new digital publisher NineStar will be releasing my novella Maestro, a contemporary M/M/M erotic romance. It will be published under the pen name of M. Crane Hana, who will be writing both romance and fantasy fiction in the future.

This is probably not the final blurb, but it was part of my query:

Leo’s birthday is February 13, which has always meant candles on heart-shaped cupcakes and birthday cards with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ crossed out. To celebrate properly, Leo’s mystery writer husband Andrew arranges a tryst for Leo with Mel, a gifted violinist who is one of Andrew’s biggest fans.

As I’ve mentioned, this novella grew out of a M/F erotica short story that was originally written for an erotic anthology call from fellow members at AbsoluteWrite. My story didn’t make the cut, but eventually I played with gender and expanded the plot…and got three fun characters I couldn’t stop writing about (even though I have other, earlier deadlines to meet, too.)

I’ll post cover art when we have it.

And watch this blog, because I’m going to have a jewelry giveaway leading up to the February launch.