Of Shade and Soul: A Touch Trilogy Novella

My friend A. G. Carpenter and the great people at Falstaff Books have released ‘Of Shade and Soul’, the second novella in her Southern gothic ‘Touch’ trilogy.

Delaney Green might be dead, but she don’t mean to stay that way. As she searches for a way back to the realm of the living, and the man she lay down flesh and bone for, Percival Cox and his team investigate a series of deaths and stolen souls. But Percy is not the man he used to be. If Del can’t find a way to stop him from waking his past, he could destroy everything, including himself.

This is a powerful continuation of the first book (I was honored to read both in their beta stages and final form). The final product is worthy of a Poe award. If you like moody Southern gothic, horror-fantasy, magical realism with a languid air of magnolia and burnt blood…this is your trilogy. Come read it here:


‘Of Lips And Tongue’ by A.G. Carpenter

Delaney Green is one of them that don’t burn.

Touch Trilogy 1 cover AG Carpenter

Possessed of the Touch – with the ability to not only see the future but manipulate it – she’s been kept in an institution for most of her life. When the Salesman, a murderous entity with a connection to Delaney’s past, starts burning girls to death, FBI Agent Percival Cox gives her the chance to leave the asylum behind. But he presents an even greater threat and she must risk flesh and bone in order to keep him from becoming a Power more destructive than the Salesman.

I was lucky enough to read this novella in bits and pieces as a beta reader for A.G. Carpenter. Seeing everything stitched into place just proves all over again: this woman can write with the best of them.

Many novellas (my stuff included) can suffer from too little worldbuilding and story. A.G. has a deft touch with just the right amount of setting and plot, character and atmosphere, and social commentary slipped into a roller-coaster of a story. My Twitter blurb about this book may say just enough to avoid spoilers:

If you like dark, unsettling, gorgeous Southern Gothic books with a taste of Southern Fried X-Files, this novella might be your cuppa.

Second-best part: it’s part of a trilogy coming from Falstaff Books. First best part: I’ve already read some of the second book!

Amazon buy link: https://www.amazon.com/Lips-Tongue-Touch-Trilogy-Novella-ebook/dp/B01HMVHOVW

B&N buy link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/of-lips-and-tongue-a-g-carpenter/1124017184

A.G. Carpenter’s Amazon Author page (worth a look, I promise.)

She will be at LibertyCon next week