2009 Book arts and text-based art

Crane book -- 104 Lizards front cover104 Lizards: approx. 4” x 6” x 2” Woodburned and painted oak covers, collage on cotton rag paper, handmade paper, acrylic ink and gel medium, waxed polyester thread, bone, glass, cloth. Topic: Southwestern pottery and petroglyph designs accent an original alphabet inspired by ‘lizard’ images on ancient pottery. Title comes from the 104 upper and lower-case lizards shown throughout the book. Collection University of Denver, Penrose Library, Special Collections. Crane book -- 104 Lizards top view

Sea Grass: approx. 3” x 2” .75” Wood, shell, leather, cotton embroidery thread, waxed polyester thread, glass. Topic: vignettes of New England coastal landscapes. Private collector.Crane book -- Sea Grass openCrane book -- Sea Grass page view

Waves and Strings: approx. 3” x 1” x 1” Oak, poplar, leather, bone, linen, printed cotton, waxed polyester thread, glass. Topic: knots and linework designs. Available from Vamp & Tramp BooksellersWaves and Strings pages for blogWaves and Strings cover for blog

New Vines: approx. 3” x 1.75” x 1” Oak, poplar, leather, linen, jade disk, porcelain, glass. Topic: embroidered vines on dyed linen, reverse original prose. Private collector. New Vines pages for blog

New Vines cover for blog

Clear Water open for blog



























Clear Water: approx. 12” x 4” x 1.5” Oak, poplar, painted leather, glass, circuit board, waxed polyester thread. Topic: environmental pollution and industrialization of waterways. Private collector.
Clear Water closed for blog

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