Sometimes I get it right

After playing with Bloodshadow for too damned long, I finally got a reasonable sketch of the main character Tel Girshanha. I might be using a version of this image as a cover, if I ever have to self-publish this crazy book.

Bloodshadow Cover sketch

For anyone following the backstories in both Moro’s Price and ‘Saints and Heroes’ – yes, that is a star-eater coming over the horizon. (But relax: he’s one of the Good Guys. Or at least house-trained.)

I’m not a brilliant artist, but luminaries like Michael Whelan and John Jude Palencar have spoiled me for quick and dirty Photoshop covers.

I love photomanipulation even more when I can really dig in and make it all arty.

This was done in Painter 11, with photomanipulation, digital airbrush, chalk, and diffusion brushes. Tel’s image took an hour to adapt; the background took around 2 hours to put together.

Author: Filigree

Artist and writer living in the Southwest USA.