New version of Moro’s Price coming soon!


My debut novel MORO’S PRICE, a M/M space opera erotic romance, was first published in 2012. I’m pleased to announce that a newly revised version will be coming soon from NineStar Press.

If you liked the original version, I think you’ll love this one.

If all goes well, you’ll also be seeing the direct sequel to MORO, as well as a spin-off M/M novella featuring two side characters.

Thanks for your patience and support!

RIP, Iain Banks

We knew this was coming, when he announced in April that his gall bladder cancer was terminal. We had chances to say farewell via his blog and other online outlets.

But I am no less subdued for expecting this, and no less thankful that I discovered Banks’ writing many years ago while he was alive.

I’ve written before about my debt to Banks’ wry and wise space operas, but I don’t think I can clarify it without sounding maudlin. You know how there are millions of Star Trek fans? Some do cosplay at conventions or wear their uniforms to jury duty, some collect memorabilia, some just quietly internalize the Federation and its universe. I’ve never, ever wanted to be a citizen of either Roddenberry’s Federation or George Lucas’ Empire or Alliance. But I have, very badly, wanted to be a citizen of Iain Banks’ Culture – or at least, a traveler within its universe.

Look To Windward was the first Culture Novel I read.

Here’s the BBC article, for more detail about the life and works of Iain M. Banks.

In a joyously irreverent tribute, some Twitter folks have launched Culture Ship Names. Because the AI Minds of ships and Hubs have their own unique takes on existence.