Dragon Batik, a PussyHat, and the Tax Day March

A test piece from circa 1991, made with scrap linen, plain old paraffin wax, acrylic dyes, a lot of cheap paper towels and a thrift-store iron, and a design borrowed from Balinese carvings and an amaaaazing Chinese celadon vase (Thank you, ASU West Library).

I’m posting it because it’s fun, fierce, and there’s only so many times a day I can poke at Donald Trump.


While I was digging this piece out of storage, I ran across another old hall costume orphan: a cotton muslin Legionnaire’s cap with backflap. In a fit of madness one year in the Aughts, I dyed bright salmon pink for a Halloween stunt, then stuck a camel’s worth of fringe and beads on it. A few years later, some of the adornments came off, to be stitched on something else. I almost donated the piece to Goodwill last year.

“Hey self,” I said while eyeing the cap’s possibilities. “It’s PINK.” I have fabric in matching and complementary shades, and another camel’s worth of more fringe and beads. I have a whole outfit the same color, heh heh.

I think it can be turned into a spectacular PussyHat, and I can make others out of the scraps.

There are rumblings across social media, that, since The Donald seems afraid to release his tax returns; that the Women’s March on Saturday seemed to really piss him off; and that many of us just like banging on cages…we might be aiming to march again on Saturday, April 15, just before the US Tax Day.

Earlier in March (TBA), a lot of angry scientists are planning a march of their own.

Will you join us?

That first debate

Like a few hundred million other people last night, I watched the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I thought Trump had a good initial ten minutes in which he attacked Clinton roundly on her support of previous disastrous trade deals (I agree with him in part.)

Then…he lost it. Other people will document his numerous gaffes and lurches. I’m going to focus on a few things that really stood out.

He was proud to be unprepared for this debate. He rambled incoherently and gave few specific answers.

He’s profoundly ignorant about a lot of things…and worse, proud of his ignorance.

He really hates fat people. He mentioned them three times: the mythical chubby coder, the beauty queen, and Rosie.

He is too easily provoked and unfocused to be solid Presidential material.

He lied numerous times.

He ‘mansplained’ and tried to talk over both Clinton and the moderator. (By several accounts, he did this at least 51 times.)

He’s so racist he can’t even see how racist he is.

He tried to claim the higher ground by hinting he wasn’t going to hit Clinton on her husband’s infidelity. Why should Bill’s stupidity two decades ago have any bearing on Hillary’s fitness for office now? She wasn’t the one cheating.

Here’s why: to Donald Trump’s mindset, a frumpy wife is excuse and reason for a cheating husband. After all, *Donald’s* been guilty of this many times.

I noticed that faced with accusations about his business acumen, Trump is proud that he paid no taxes, that he stiffed contractors and creditors, that he settled lawsuits with no admission of wrongdoing, that he used legally available bankruptcy tools to save his companies. That’s just ‘business’, he claimed.

Business skills, even legitimate ones, don’t always translate into politics. His record is somewhere between unsettling and shameful.

I noticed at the end of the debate, when Clinton’s entourage got down into the audience to mingle, Trump’s stayed high up on stage and quickly exited.

Was that another reveal, of how Trump really views most of the Americans not as fortunate as he was?