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Say hi to Bloodshadow, finally.

On the savage world of Lonhra, its Sleeping Goddess has been genetically modifying human colonists into the long-lived, psi-gifted Sirrithani race. She can’t physically leave her prison inside the planet’s core, or the vengeful living planet might destroy all organic lifeforms on its surface. Her strongest ally might go insane and kill his ordained mate at any moment. An interstellar empire that has been looking for Lonhra and its people for thousands of years…just found them.

To act as her champion and spy, the Goddess picks Tel. It’s not mutual. The halfbreed shapeshifter wants to find her absent father, and answer questions about the dark, horrible magics she can barely control. Along the way Tel plays Sirr rebels against offworld spies, fears the one man in the world meant only for her, and tries not to lose her soul when she helps him keep his.

I have this nearly 20-year-old manuscript (if you count all of its revisions.) It’s loosely set in the same universe as Moro’s Price, but far distant, many thousands of years earlier, and with (mostly) different characters. Since it has only a sweet romance, and no direct LGBTQ content, it was unsuitable for Loose Id, Moro’s first publisher. While the protagonist is an 18-year-old woman, the book itself is not really YA – I get into some dark stuff, even if there’s no graphic on-page sex.

Bloodshadow StalkingDue to market uncertainties, it’s unlikely this particular story will ever get picked up by a large publisher. It was a hot mess until just a revision ago; I hope it’s less awful now. Even so, under the earlier title ‘Blackfire’, it won third place in the Del Rey/Spectra Suvudu writing contest in 2011.

I might self-publish it someday via Amazon. It’s not the best or fastest book I’ve written, but it has some good points. Like my fanfiction, it’s a marker of where my writing has been. Since it’s original fiction, it doesn’t really belong with my fan writing over at Archive of Our Own. So for now Bloodshadow can live on my Wattpad page.

It’s complete and gawdawful huge, so I’ll be splitting it into smaller Wattpad-friendly chapters. I’ll try to update chapters weekly, if not sooner.

(Cover image is my own digital art, via Painter.)

Author: Filigree

Artist and writer living in the Southwest USA.

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  1. This weekend, hopefully? I’m finishing up a smutty novella for an actual real publisher, at the same time. Good to see you’ve liked Tel’s story so far.

    1. Okay, because this weekend might be crazybusy, I put Chapter 19 up tonight. It’s the last of the quiet, homey chapters…after this, Tel’s life gets more interesting than she’d like.

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