First Look: Politics As Usual

I’ve had this piece of fiber book art in mind since 2011-2012. I’m glad I held off until now: even Mitt Romney’s version of the GOP has been eclipsed by the current crop of corrupt, venal, sanctimonious, and utterly incompetent politicians gracing the Republican Party. (And I say that as a former GOP member!)

‘Politics As Usual’ will combine beaded 18-count cross-stitch with applique patches and commercially-printed fabrics, to make an Abecedarium (ABC Book) using two political terms per alphabet letter on fabric pages. The binding will be a wood box-spine anchored by decorative red-white-and-blue glass beaded tassels. The covers will be woodburned poplar, tooled leather, fiber art, or some mix of those.

The current main word-pair lineup stands at: Alternative Facts / Agenda, Brink / Bipartisan, Constitution / Conflict, Dissent / Doublespeak, Ethics / Emolument, Fascist / Filibuster, Grassroots / Gerrymander, Hegemony / Humanist, Ideology / Impeach, Justice /  Jingo, Kleptocracy / Keynesian, Lobbyist / Loophole, Mandate / Midterm, Nationalism / Nihilism, Oligarchy / Opposition, Proxy / Pundit, Quota / Quorum, Resist / Racist, Spin / Suffrage, Theocracy / Tyranny, Unity / Useful Idiot, Vote / Veto, Wedge / Whistleblower, Xenophobia / X-Factor, Yellow Journalism / Yield, Zeitgeist, Zero Sum Game.

There may or may not be additional smaller-font words worked into the background, along with little topical motifs such as biohazard symbols, radiation symbols, the GOP Elephant, the DNC Donkey, mushroom clouds, dollar and pound signs, Resistance symbols, Trump’s hair, high-heeled shoes, palm trees, golf symbols, etc.

As befits a subversive embroidery sampler, it may or may not be housed in a repurposed cedarwood Bible box, depending on the final dimensions of the book.

It’s going to be a lot of fun to make.


First look: ‘Breathe’ fiber art book

Breathe flat for blog‘Breathe’ has been on my to-make list for a couple of years, ever since I stumbled on the quartet of Latin mottos that inspired it.

Is it based in soaring social feelings and a genuine wish to see good in the world? Yes. Especially in this sordid election season and social turmoil.

But there’s a more basic truth at play here, as well. As a book artist, I am always looking for very small quotes, poems, etc. They are easier to carve, paint, sew, and print! That very constraint sparks invention.

And for twenty years a line from ‘The Mystic’s Dream’, one of Loreena McKennit’s songs, has pushed at me, wanting to be acknowledged in art form:

“A painting hangs on an ivy wall
Nestled in the emerald moss…”

Projected materials: 1″x.25″ white mother-of-pearl beads painted with illuminated script. Mother-of-pearl accent beads. Commercially-printed cotton. Polyester heavyweight felt. Waxed polyester cord. Poplar and basswood. Glass beads. Acrylic paint. Probably more stuff I throw at it, along the way.

Projected size: 2.75″ x 1.75″ x 3.75″. Page count: 12.

Should be fun…whenever I get it finished!

Breathe text in progress blog

As of April 15, 2017, ‘Breathe’ is done. You can see it here.